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If you are planning to accelerate your career in business, then you should seriously consider enrolling in the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program offered by us. The School prides itself on the consistently high global reputation of its MBA programs, and as a business school ranked by Forbes, The Economist, and the Financial Times.

Understanding that business is conducted differently in various business segments such as different geographies and industries, through a structured curriculum, our industry-experienced academics take pride in sharing knowledge, experiences, and wisdom with students recognising that global intelligence is the key to success in the 21st century.

DBA graduates can expect senior-level career opportunities in banks, government, education, and almost all sectors. A doctoral degree adds immense prestige to a candidate’s profile and is much coveted. It gives individuals a professional edge in the marketplace and invariably enhances employability. Given that Asia is on a rapid growth path, this qualification will help graduates get top jobs.

Global intelligence is a key focus of our DBA program. The program provides students with a structured coursework component in the first year that teaches skills to conduct a variety of research investigations. These investigative techniques are practised to provide students with an applied exposure and experience to enhance global intelligence. Courses are offered online from Sydney, Mumbai and Dubai campuses.

In the next two years, students will undertake a research project with practical significance, under the guided supervision of at least one academic staff member, which will aim to significantly add to or improve current business practices. Research can be undertaken anywhere in the world with the approval of the School, providing students with a truly global intelligence.

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Vice President – Academic
Professor of Economics