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Research & Publications


Millmow and Australasian Economics

History of Economics Review, 69:1, 65-67, DOI: 10.1080/10370196.2018.1535229, 2018
John Lodewijks

The Classroom of the Future: Disrupting the Concept of Contemporary Business Education

Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review, 6(4), 231-245. (2018)
Anna Tarabasz, Marko Selaković and Christopher Abraham

FiLLi Café: Going Global

Ivey Publishing (2018)
Kirti Khanzode and Geetanjali Chandra

The Game of Thrones as a Teaching Tool: Enhancing Engagement and Student Learning Outcomes

e-Journal of Business Education & Scholarship of Teaching Vol. 12, No. 2, September 2018, pp: 141-154.
Gulnara Z. Karimova

Path Dependency, Behavioral Lock-in and the International Market for Beer

Ed volume Beer, Brewing and Pubs, Palgrave, forthcoming, 2016
Martin Stack, Myles Gartland and Tim Keane

Internationale Bedrijfskunde en Globalisering

Groningen, Nederland: Noordhoff-publishers, 2016
Haico Ebbers

China’s rebalancing process; an eclectic and optimistic view

World Scientific Publishing Co & Imperial College Press. Forthcoming (2016)
Haico Ebbers

Fusion - Cross Domain Research On Cross Domain Innovation

Proceedings of The 2nd UUM Qualitative Research Conference (QRC), 2016
CJ Meadows

Fusion: World-Class Innovation by Creating the Unexpected

(book in process) 2016
CJ Meadows

The impact of various entrepreneurial interventions during the business plan competition on the entrepreneur identity aspirations of participants

Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research, 2016
Muhammad Shahid Qureshi, Saadat Saeed and Syed Waleed Mehmood Wasti

Social Network Structures of Nascent Entrepreneurs: An exploratory study of advisor networks in MENA countries

Entrepreneurial Process and Social Networks: Edward Elger Publishing, 2016
Mian Sarfraz and Shahid Qureshi

Whether smaller plates reduce consumption depends on who’s serving and who’s looking: a meta-analysis

Journal of the Advances for Consumer Research, 1(1), 2016
Holden, S.S., N. Zlatevska and C. Dubelaar

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Australia: Implications for a Circular Economy

Carried out for the Japanese think tank – “Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) as one of the components of an international research project titled, “Greening the Industrial Economies: Corporate Management and Change Pathways”, to be published by ERIA in mid-2016
K. Ramanathan

Enhancing Regional Architecture for Innovation to Promote the Transformation to Industry 4.0

Carried out for the Japanese think tank – “Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) as one of the components of an international research project titled, “Industry 4.0 – Empowering ASEAN for a Circular Economy”, Chapter of book to be published by ERIA in late 2016 or early 2017
K. Ramanathan

Actor-Networks in Virtual Project Management: An experience in inter-disciplinary research and practice of public health

Invited paper in International Journal of Actor-Network Theory and Technology Innovation (IJANTTI) (invited submission), 2016
Chandana Unnithan, Niehaus E, Babu A

Social media and health: The Australian Paradigm

Big Data and Society Journal, Sage Publications (in progress, 2016)
Chandana Unnithan, Swatman

An Australian Perspective on ensuring Participant Privacy in Social Media Based Research

Big Data and Society Journal, Sage Publications (in progress, 2016)
Chandana Unnithan, Swatman PMC

Bringing the Value Back to Education

Forbes Magazine Middle East Issue 41. p.71, 2015
Antony Miller

Arabic translation and adaptation of the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) Patient Satisfaction Survey Instrument

Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, Vol 37 (4), 2015
Antony Miller, James Dockins and Ramzi Abuzahrieh

The ‘Wildly Misappropriated’ Work: The Application of Cultural Studies in Business Communication Classrooms

Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice (upcoming, 2016)
Yifan Zhang

Interactivity of Social Media in Open Government Imperatives: An Empirical Study

International J. of Electronic Government (2015)
Srivastava, M

An In-depth study of the effectiveness of the existing university business incubator (UBI) in Pakistan

Global Management Journal for Academic & Corporate Studies (GMJACS), Vol 5, Number 2, 2015
Subeika Rizvi, Faryal Salman and Dr. Shahid Qureshi

Impact of effectuation on intentions to start a business

Business Review, IBA Karachi, 2015
Shahid Quereshi, Fawad

Beware of small packs in multi-packs

The Conversation, 21 September, 2015
S. S. Holden, N. Zlatevska

Oh the uncertainty, how do we cope?

The Conversation, 10 September, 2015
S. S. Holden

A home of your own: dream or delusion?

The Conversation, 16 June, 2015
S. S. Holden

‘No jab, no pay’ policy has a serious ethical sting

The Conversation, 15 April, 2015
S. S. Holden

The partitioning paradox: the big bite around small packages

International Journal of Research in Marketing, 32(2), 230-233, 2015
S. S. Holden, N. Zlatevska

Victim Victorious: Preface

Victim Victorious: From fire to Phoenix, Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers,vii-xix, 2015
S. S. Holden, M.C. Patron, A. Rokeach

Confessions of a putative child molester

Victim Victorious: From fire to Phoenix, Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers, pp.107-122, 2015
M.C. Patron and S.S. Holden (eds)

Applying Lean Digital Project Management in Construction and IT Project management

Two papers presented in first National Conference of Lean Construction for Institute of Lean Construction Excellence, 2015
Dr Subhash Chandra Rastogi

Accounting in Cyprus during late Ottoman and Early British Rule, 1850 to 1918

The Cyprus Review, Spring, 2015
Peter Clarke, Andrekos Varnava, Flinders University, Australia

The Effect of Price, Differentiation and Tariff on Export Performance in an Export-Driven Economy

Journal of Northeast Asia Development, 17 (December), 2015: 35-60
Jianhong Zhang, Haico Ebbers

Ethical participant recruitment using social media: Issues and some preliminary suggestions

Health Research Council of New Zealand, HRC Ethics Notes, May 5, 2015
PMC Swatman, Chandana Unnithan

Profiling Sustainability Curriculum in AACS

SAGE Open Journal Vol. 4 (2) 1- 7B Schools, 2014
M. Srivastava

Is food marketing making us fat: Fat cats vs. dogmatists

Proceedings of the Australian Association of Social Marketing, July 18, DOI: 10.13140/2.1.3905.3449, 2014
M. Srivastava

Shared inequalities: at home and at work

The Conversation, 15 October, 2014
Holden, S.S.

Use your illusion: how to trick yourself and others into eating less

The Conversation, October 1, 2014
S. S. Holden

Fighting for fatherhood: The other glass ceiling

The Conversation, 17 July, 2014
S. S. Holden

The Other Glass Ceiling: Fathers stepping up, mothers letting go

Sydney, Australia: Darlington Press, 2014
C. S. Areni, S.S. Holden

Health check: do bigger portion sizes make you eat more?

The Conversation, 14 April, 2014
S. S. Holden

Sizing Up the Effect of Portion Size on Consumption: A Meta-Analytic Review

Journal of Marketing, 78 (3), 140-154, 2014
N. Zlatevska, Dubelaar C., S.S. Holden

A Cold War: The battle of Budweiser

Australian Brews News, 5 March, 2014
S. S. Holden

Community-based Early Warning and Adaptive Response System (EWARS) for mosquito borne diseases: An open source/open community approach

ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 11/2014, XL-8:167-170. (Impact factor: 3.13), 2014
Chandana Unnithan

Actor-Network Theory (ANT) based visualisation of Socio-Technical Facets of RFID Technology Translation: An Australian Hospital Scenario

International Journal of Actor-Network Theory and Technology Innovation (IJANTTI), Volume 2(2), 2014
Chandana Unnithan, A. Tatnall

Radio Frequency Identification Technology as an Analytical Lens and Solution in Hospitals: A novel approach in BPR/BPM

Health care Informatics and Analytics: Emerging Issues and Trends; Advances in Health care Information Systems and Administration (AHISA) Book Series), IGI publications, USA, 2014
Chandana Unnithan, B Fraunholz

Radio Frequency Identification Technology in an Australian regional hospital: An innovation translation experience with ANT

A chapter in Maximizing Healthcare Delivery and Management through Technology Integration, IGI Publications, USA, 2016
Chandana Unnithan, Tatnall A


Structural Breaks and Behaviour of Foreign Exchange Market Vis-a-Vis Other Financial Markets: A Study W.R.T India and Singapore

Journal of International Business and Economics, Vol.12. no. 1, pp.21-34, 2012
Sandip Chakraborty and Parvinder Arora


Restructuring in Telecommunications and its Market Impacts: An Event-Study Analysis

Journal of Asia-Pacific Business - Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 20 - 42, 2011
Vijay Sethi, Sandip Chakraborty, Neerja Sethi & Kevin P Duffy


The Analysis of Capital Structure of Selected Singapore Companies

International Journal of Finance Studies (June 2011)
Parvinder Arora and Sandip Chakraborty


Viability of the Establishment of the GCC Monetary Union, Lessons from the Euro Zone

10th International Conference on Technology & Business Management, Association of Indian Management Scholars, Dubai
Arindam Banerjee


The Necessities of Paperless Accounting System

American Journal of Scientific Research - ISSN: 1450-223X indexed in Elsevier Bibliographic Databases, EMBASE, Ulrich, EMNursing, Compendex, GEOBASE, Scopus, and Mosby
M Krishna Moorthy, A Seetharaman, M Gopalan & Lee Har San


The Realities of Auditor's Independence and Objectivity

Journal of Accounting, Business and Management - Vol 17 (1) (April 2010)
Krishna Moorthy M, A Seetharaman & A S Saravanan


A New Look at Management Accounting

Journal of Applied Business Research - ISSN 0892-7626 indexed in SCOPUS. Littleton, USA - Vol 26 No 4 (2010)
Mohammed Talha, A Seetharaman & John Buhama


The Changing Role of Accounting in the Health Care Industry

Research Journal of Business Management - ISSN-1819-1932 - Vol 4 (2) pp 91-102 (2010)
A Seetharaman, John Rudolf Raj & A S Saravanan


A New Approach to the Preparation of Consolidated Financial Statements of Group Companies

Euro Journals: The Review of Financial and Accounting Studies. Athens - Indexed in SCOPUS ISSN 1450-2812 Vol 7 Issue 1 (2010)
A Seetharaman, M Krishnamurthy & A S Saravanan


Effective Governance under E-Government

International Journal of Business Excellence - Inderscience Publications, USA (2010)
A Seetharaman, S Jayashree & G Marthandan


An Empirical Study on the Impact of Earnings Per Share on Stock Prices of a Listed Bank in Malaysia

The International Journal of Applied Economics and Finance - ISSN 1991-0886 (2010)
A Seetharaman & John Rudolph Raj


Market Reaction to Application Service Provider (ASP) Adoption: An Empirical Investigation

Information & Management, Vol 47(3) pp 176-187 (2010)
Bong-Keun Jeong & Antonis C Stylianou


Visionary, Visible Asian Leadership

Procter & Gamble Asian Summit Retreat, Singapore
Dawn Dekle, former Dean, BBA


Cross-Cultural Leadership Development

Time Place International, Jakarta, Indonesia
Dawn Dekle, former Dean, BBA


Leadership During Turbulent Times

Aircraft Accidents, Crisis Preparedness, and Management Conference, Singapore Aviation Academy
Dawn Dekle, former Dean, BBA


Asian Leadership

Prime Time Organization, Singapore
Dawn Dekle, former Dean, BBA


Skill Sets for the Future

Wee Kim Wee Center for Cross Cultural Studies Conference, Singapore Management University
Dawn Dekle, former Dean, BBA


President Obama: Year One Report Card

Wee Kim Wee Centre for Cross Cultural Studies, Singapore Management University
Dawn Dekle, former Dean, BBA


Development of Capacity Building Road-Map

UN - Department of Economic and Social Affairs - Global Alliance, ICT and Development
Dhrupad Mathur


ICT and Development - India's story

ITU (International Telecommunication Union) under the UN Copyright
Dhrupad Mathur


What Neuro-Marketing has to say about Strategic Decision-Making in Emerging Markets

Academy of Indian Marketing, New Delhi
Ianna Contardo
Unlocking the M-Gov Potential 
Good Governance Magazine
Dhrupad Mathur
An Inclusive Approach
Good Governance Magazine
Dhrupad Mathur
Wall Street in the Making
Good Governance Magazine
Dhrupad Mathur
Nurturing Next-Gen Champions
Good Governance Magazine
Dhrupad Mathur
Capability Approach towards e-Governance
Good Governance Magazine
Dhrupad Mathur
Some Leadership Questions: The New Feminine: Leadership in a Brave New World for Sustainability, Stewardship, and Succession
Martin-Cavendish Publishers, Singapore
Dawn Dekle, former Dean, BBA
Study Identifies Key Areas for Foreign Direct Investments
Gulf News
Arindam Banerjee
Inside Marketing: Practices, Ideologies, Devices 
Detlev Zwick & Julien Cayla
Competitive Success: How Branding Adds Value
John Wiley & Sons
John Davis