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SP Jain welcomes students back to Sydney campus with safety measures in place

“I think the students sensed that this was a rather special moment,” shared Dr John Lodewijks (Professor and Vice President – Academic, SP Jain School of Global Management) as the School welcomed students back to the Sydney campus and resumed in-person classes on August 31, 2020.

Topics: Sydney Campus, BBA, Undergraduate Programs

Building Successful Digital Enterprises: SP Jain hosts IT Management Conclave 2018 at Sydney Campus

SP Jain School of Global Management hosted the Sydney chapter of IT Management Conclave 2018 on 13th December at its Sydney campus. This is the fourth IT Conclave held this year and it focused on ‘Leadership and Governance in the Digital Age: Building Successful Digital Enterprises’. Similar conclaves have been held successfully across SP Jain’s other three campuses in Dubai, Singapore and Mumbai earlier in 2018. The aim of the IT Management Conclave is to foster collaborative knowledge creation together with industry through a combination of research and the sharing of case studies and best practices on issues pertaining to digital innovation, leadership and governance.

Topics: Sydney Campus, IT Conclave, Global Events at SP Jain

S P Jain's First Neuro-Science Lab

Traditional market research relies mostly on self-report methods. However survey or questionnaires test the customer’s rational brain while up to 95 per cent of all cognitive processes (attention, retention, retrieval and decision making) occur in the subconscious mind. Neuro-Marketing deals with the examination and exploitation of implicit or unconscious consumer’s processes. SPJAIN Neuro-Science Lab provides actionable and in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour based on most advanced Neuro-Science concepts and tools. SPJAIN Neuro-Science Lab is equipped with Imotions Biometric analytical Platform as well industry grade Neuro-Science equipment’s (Eye tracking, EEG, Galvanometric, Facial Expression and integrated Self-reporting used by Neilsen, Deloit…)

Example of Autonomic Signal Detection: Heart Rate, Skin Conductance, Pupils Dilatation, Facial Expression.

Topics: Sydney Campus, SP Jain NeuroScience

Antidote to Indifference – GMBA Students Visit JWT Colloquial, Sydney

On 16th April 2018, the GMBA'17 cohort specialising in Contemporary Marketing Management went on an industry visit to JWT Colloquial. "The insights we got into the running of an integrated advertising agency were fantastic," shared John Miles, CEO - Sydney Campus. The students saw presentations from all parts of the agency, from the strategists through to the creatives.

Topics: Sydney Campus, Global Events at SP Jain