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SP Jain, in its endeavour to encourage meritorious students to excel further in their academic and career paths, is inclined (without any commitment) to offer scholarships to selective candidates joining its undergraduate programs.

There are various levels of scholarships granted based on a holistic view of the candidate’s profile.

Scholarships are offered on the tuition fee component only. Scholarships do not cover visa fees, insurance, course materials, living costs or other incidental expenses.

Scholarship decisions take place through a comprehensive, holistic review process.




Scholarships are awarded based on the candidate’s academic performance and interview. Outstanding achievements in sports, social service or extracurricular activities at a national or an international level are also considered. The Scholarship will be conditional to achieving the scores as mentioned in the offer letter in Year 12 (should the same not be in hand at the time of offer).



Candidates from underrepresented countries or regions may qualify for special international scholarships, to provide a truly global learning experience. This scholarship will be based on their academics and interview performance.

CGPA Requirements

Students who earn scholarships must maintain a required CGPA at the end of every academic year and abide by the Code of Conduct during the program. Details will be shared in the offer letter.




Once students have enrolled in the program, they have an opportunity to excel and strive for a scholarship. Students who feature on the Dean’s List for both semesters of the same academic year will receive a 10% Dean’s List Scholarship for the next academic year. To continue to avail the scholarship, the student must again feature on the Dean’s List for both semesters of the next academic year.

If a student has already earned a scholarship, then the Dean’s List Scholarship would be an additional 10% scholarship for the student. Students who have earned a 100% tuition scholarship will not be granted any additional scholarship even if they are eligible for the Dean’s List Scholarship.



While there is no formal application for scholarships, students are expected to send in a request in order to apply for a scholarship. The sooner the application is made, the greater the chance of receiving a scholarship.

To apply for a scholarship, simply tick the scholarship box on the online application. Also comment in your essay about why you think you warrant financial assistance.

Request for scholarships can be sent by mail to scholarship@spjain.edu.au, or you can contact us at +(612) 8970 6800.

Please Note: Students can avail only one category of scholarship at a time. All decisions by Admissions will be final.