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Shiksha Student Stories: Tushar Tayal’s Academic, Entrepreneurial and Humanitarian Journey


Tushar Tayal (BBA 2023) writes in Shiksha, a leading educational portal, the story of his journey, highlighting the key aspects of his life, achievements, and values. He shares insights into his academic successes, his experience at SP Jain Global, and the impact of a unique tri-city model on his global perspective.

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In the article, he talks about his entrepreneurial ventures, starting from a travel company to managing multiple startups across diverse industries and underlines the importance of giving back to the community through initiatives such as promoting financial literacy and participating in humanitarian causes.

He concludes, “In essence, my professional journey is not a tale of personal triumphs, but a narrative that underscores the significance of purpose driven decisions and the responsibility that success brings. I hope that this journey serves as an inspiration for others to seek fulfilment in their endeavours, understanding that the true measure of success lies in the positive contributions we make to the world around us.”

To read the full article, please click here.



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