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Learning Solutions


NeuralTechSoft is a leading training provider for the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industry. We customize our courses as per the clients’ requirements and specifications. Our technically sound faculty adopts two methodologies- teaching and training. Our clients sometimes provide the course material but we also offer a self-designed syllabus. These courses are designed in a way that incorporate the dynamics of the financial markets as well as the relevance of the theoretical topics. The training faculty is a mix of members who have vast and enriching industry experience along with the necessary educational background.

In today’s integrated financial services marketplace, NeuralTechSoft caters to a global audience. With a pedigree of global and multi-national clients that highlight our professional experience, our instructors possess the resident knowledge and credentials to provide valuable training on an international level.

NeuralTechSoft has been conducting training programs at an international scale for more than 15 years with the mandate of conducting these training programs for finance professionals, finance non-professionals as well as students from around the world.

Over 450 training programs have been conducted in various parts of the world, including Switzerland, Singapore, India, Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, the USA, Lebanon, Hungary, Muscat, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, UAE, Ghana and Greece. These trainings are tailor-made for all levels of management and officers representing the senior and middle level.

For fresh recruits, we offer specially designed courses. This alleviates the burden of creating a separating training centre for new employees.