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Why Analytics?

Neuraltechsoft’s analytics consulting services has enabled professionals in leading organisations to convert extensive data along with statistical and quantitative analysis into powerful insights that can drive efficient decisions. Hence, the organizations can now base their decisions and strategies on data using the power of analytics rather than on gut feelings. Our comprehensive analytics consulting services can help you in better managing all your data and derive meaningful relations & patterns from that data.

In today’s digital world, business users need easier ways to explore data, uncover new insights and make informed decisions instantly from any device. However, achieving this can be difficult for many organizations given the complexities of outdated IT infrastructures. Our suite of analytics consulting services is a culmination of various latest tools and technologies to ensure that our clients get complete, hassle-free solutions. We deliver plug-n-play analytics solutions for all business domains.

How we can help?

1. Collecting & managing data

We know how significant data analytics is for the growth of your enterprise.

Clustering valuable data is not adequate but keeping analytics, product management, portfolio management, sale and many such other thing is also essential. We can help you to know how your data can help you to grow and what more you could collect to make the best use of data analytics. We also guide to collect and manage the data. We turn data into useful information!

2. Strategy planning

Enabling analytics through strategic control point for consumption of big data and analytics across enterprise has become a need. However, small or big the decision could be our data analytics team would always be there to help you take that strategic resolution.

3. Charge the optimal price

Are you charging the right price for your services from your customers? Are the products are projected with very low or very high price? If you don’t know the market value of your product, we can help you determine the market value for your product or business service and you can stay right at the edge in the competition.

4. Detect frauds before they cause damage

Detecting potential frauds before it makes damages is really important as the penalty for fraud may entail fortunes! And moreover, the company reputation is at the stake while considering internal frauds. We scan employee behavior patterns to detect internal frauds and suggest solutions to tackle with the same. Fraudster can also be an outsider who is using loyal customers’ credentials. We examine customers behavioral pattern with different classification techniques and detect for any unusual activity.

5. Market basket analysis

What is the probability of a customer buying product B if he also buying product A? If the probability is high, you can give your customers some lucrative offers if they buy both products together. If they purchase more than they are looking for, then it’s a win-win situation. With the use of Market Basket Analysis, know your customer’s behavioral patterns about buying and make enormous profit!

6. Analyze social media to get insights about your product and increase revenue

What people are thinking about your business? Is your company in the news? Is it positive or negative? How many people liked your service or products and endorsed it to their near ones? If someone doesn’t like your product, then is he spreading the bad word for you? You can only answer all these questions if your online social presence is good. It is impossible to check every day tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. for such threats. With the help of Natural Language Processing and other powerful algorithms, we give you the power of checking text and sentiment analysis using few clicks.

7. Risk optimization

There are risks associated in every aspect of business. If not identified at the right time, it could be a disaster. With the help of Machine Learning Forecasting and Business Intelligence tactics, we provide you a vision to detect risks and solutions for risk optimization.

8. Find hidden patterns in data

While analyzing your data we compare ‘what if’ scenarios for finding out hidden patterns in it. We evaluate and manage risk foreseen in the data. We turn this business insight into action for optimizing progressive results. Our predictive analytics will aid you further in planning, budgeting and forecasting for knowing potential threats and opportunities by using statistics and machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence.

9. Understanding & forecasting the trend

We recognize sales analytics and data visualization tools that have helped the forecasting process become more methodical and accurate by using data to build forecasts instead of relying on instinct and subjective guesses.

Forecasts are based on historical scale data, personalized experience analysis or market surveys, trends and estimates. With the regression analytics we will find out the reasonability and trends in the business that will aid you plan your purchases and production. Based on the trend you can also see the growth opportunities segment wise and concentrate on the relevant segments.

10. Build predicting models and decision support systems

Allow the machine to do all the critical thinking and make it build a decision support system and prediction model for you. We can help you to give you the best suited algorithm to give high accuracy prediction models. These can be used as a guideline for taking your decision.

11. Identify most promising customers 

Using customer data, we can help you to identify loyal customers and help in planning for acquisition of new customers. Clustering your clients into groups helps you in designing for offers, sales based on customers’ response to maximize your sales.

12. Marketing tactics

Broadcasting an advertisement becomes more persuasive when it gets hold of your targeted audience. We render an eminent personalized experience and magnify customer complacency. Our statistical approaches can untangle all your queries and let you make best use of your marketing and media funds.