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SP Jain

Graduate Attributes

Graduate Attributes

All the SP Jain programs are designed so that our graduates display the much needed and holistic attributes including: 

  • Knowledge of Business, Management and Emerging Technologies 
  • Research and Business Intelligence 
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making 
  • Creativity and Innovation 
  • Intercultural Competence/Communication 
  • Teamwork 
  • Global Citizenship/Ethics (Collaborate, Negotiate and Resolve Conflicts)

BBC Program

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of SP Jain's BBC, you graduate with an Australian undergraduate degree and the skills, knowledge and their application that validate the following learning outcomes:

1. Knowledge
  • Acquire comprehensive and coherent knowledge through the integration of historical concepts and techniques with new channels in the continually evolving space of business communication
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of business communication and media through the study of subjects like journalism, advance business writing, intercultural communications, public relations, media ethics, media and society, communication research, visual communications, digital media, social media and integrated marketing communications
  • Attain knowledge of business management, organisational behaviour and financial skills to understand the key business aspects relevant to business communication
2. Skills
  • Identify and analyse the overall form and structure of mediated or public texts in their entirety, considering how individual techniques function in a larger context
  • Acquire skills to critically analyse how organisations plan and implement communication and marketing strategies in today’s changing national and global context
  • Identify and analyse the interrelation among media economics and relevant institutions and agencies
  • Be able to explain, evaluate and apply the process involved in business communications
  • Be an effective and responsible written and oral communicator in the continually evolving media environment
3. Application of Knowledge and Skills
  • Apply theoretical and technical knowledge and skills to provide socially and ethically responsible business communication solutions
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively collaborate as a team member to produce deliverables that are appropriate for audiences of different socio-economic groups, and for different business purposes
  • Illustrate the ability to generate articles, press releases, fact sheets, websites, emails, letters, memos, presentations, advertisements and other business documents